evan runyon
is an artist
that lives in new york city


Evan Runyon is a performer, composer and improviser based in New York City whose work as an acoustic and electric bassist, banjo player, vocalist and speaker incorporate elements of pop, art and traditional music, performance art, improvisation and comedy.

Evan is a Tucson, AZ native.


» evan@evanrunyon.com
» twitter @acgunsight
» instagram @evanworse

upcoming performances in the year 2016

29 July - 14 August
Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music
Darmstadt GERMANY


16-30 August
I-Park Residency
East Haddam CT


30 August
ensemble mise-en @ National Opera Center
New York NY


15 September
with Mark Broschinsky (trombone) @ MISE-EN_PLACE
Brooklyn NY


24 September
Solo performance @ R&D Studios
Brooklyn NY


5 October
Real Loud @ Roulette


24 October
ensemble mise-en @ Scandinavia House
New York NY


25 October
ensemble mise-en @ TBA
Washington DC


1-3 November
Brooklyn College Electroacoustic Conference @ Brooklyn College
Brooklyn NY


10-11 November
ensemble mise-en @ Sound of Stockholm
Stockholm SWEDEN


15 November
Princeton Sound Kitchen @ Princeton University
Princeton NJ


9 December
ensemble mise-en @ NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
New York NY


15 December
ensemble mise-en @ MISE-EN_PLACE
Brooklyn NY


18-22 January
ensemble mise-en @ New College of Florida
Sarasota FL


16 February
ensemble mise-en @ Scandinavia House
New York NY


26 February
ensemble mise-en @ Princeton University
Princeton NJ


10 March
Solo performance @ MISE-EN_PLACE
Brooklyn NY


13-14 March
ensemble mise-en @ Cornell University
Ithaca NY


15-17 March
ensemble mise-en @ University at Buffalo
Buffalo NY


5 April
ensemble mise-en @ Italian Academy at Columbia University
New York NY


18 April
ensemble mise-en @ TBA
New York NY


9 May
ensemble mise-en @ Center for New Music
San Francisco CA


10-13 May
ensemble mise-en @ University of California, Davis
Davis CA


21-24 June
ensemble mise-en @ mise-en Music Festival
New York & Brooklyn NY


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